Choosing Villa Premoli as a location for an event, banquet, meeting or a wedding is certainly an opportunity to immerse yourself in art, culture, and the uniqueness of an intimate place full of history.

We are proud to open our doors to celebrate a unique moment with you. And even more we are delighted that You choose our house as the location for Your important moments.

That is why no detail is left to chance: we devote meticulous attention to the spaces, furnishings, fittings and seek with you the best solution for a versatile and structured location in spaces that are spacious and charming at the same time, able to convey the warmth of a place that will make you feel at home.

We love to celebrate your moments with our organic Prosecco Asolo DOCG and if our guests request it, we are happy to offer the entire location in complete exclusivity, correlated by our wine cellar and six double rooms on the upper floors.


Elegance, Privacy, Exclusivity and Art are the words that better identify an event at Casa Premoli.