Restauro Villa Premoli
Today Villa Premoli is an exclusive accommodation thanks to the important conservative restoration work which Paola and Enrico started in 2011 and completed at the beginning of 2018.
During these 7 years, with great care where nothing was left to chance, the Spagnolo Family, the architects, as well as all the professionals and craftsmen involved, carried out the work with the greatest care in the selection of materials which, as far as possible, remained those of the past and linked to our places. The shared objective was a restoration aiming at restoring what already existed, bringing it back to new life. Each work was carried out in a meticulous manner by expert craftsmen, who often necessarily extended the times, in order to achieve a result that would have resulted as the most optimal for the Villa Premoli.
During the restoration, the technical construction skills, which distinguish the Venetian architecture of these residences and which are an important part of our cultural heritage, emerged. All interior paintings were done with lime-based materials, as they were originally. Similarly, each element found during the restoration has been valorised in order to illustrate the different phases of workmanship that took place during the different periods of time.
The Villa is subject to a landscape and monumental restriction by the Superintendence of Fine Arts of Venice, and this aspect is a further guarantee, shared by the Spagnolo family, of wanting to restore the Villa to its ancient splendour, without ever altering its authenticity.
Therefore, the preservation of the architectural and artistic aspects are absolute values which, in the restoration work, have gone hand in hand with the introduction of the comforts and services required for excellent hospitality. Every improvement and every modification, necessary to make the structure a place of tourist hospitality, has not altered the essence and original structure of the villa. In particular, the bathrooms in the rooms, which are functional and modern, are added and potentially removable works that primarily respect the original spaces of the building. Of fundamental importance was the implementation of works aimed at energy saving and environmental sustainability, a theme on which the Spagnolo Family has always shown particular sensitivity.
Today Villa Premoli is an example of how the ancient and authentic beauty of our cultural heritage can be perfectly integrated with an exclusive, charming hospitality, dedicated to those who know and can appreciate these places.