Enrico Spagnolo Villa Premoli
Villa Premoli is a 17th-century Venetian Villa, located at the foot of Monte Tomba, a few minutes from Possagno, the village of the great Antonio Canova, the sculptor of masterpieces such as the famous statues: ‘Love and Psyche’, ‘the Three Graces’, ‘Paolina Borghese’, and many other beauties housed in the nearby Gipsoteca named after him.
The Villa, once owned by the Bianchi family, businessmen in the wool business who had lived in the village of Obledo since the 15th century, was passed down through the female line, becoming, in the second half of the 19th century, the property of the noble Conti Premoli family and Enrico Spagnolo, the current owner, together with his wife Paola, is a descendant of.
The three-floor main building is surrounded by an Italian-style garden, with an ancient Venetian water well, by the stables and by a beautiful Barchessa with a loggia overlooking the Asolo hills. There is also a charming wine cellar, whose origin is known from a date carved here that goes back to 1679. The oldest body of the present Villa, with its typical Venetian house layout, is divided into a central hall passing through the four-side rooms.
In front of the villa there is the traditional ‘brolo’, which is the land that was once used to grow fruit, plants and vegetables. In Villa Premoli the “brolo” is called ‘cioère’, inspired by the place where wooden tools with a nail termination were used in the past to process wool.
Today the “brolo” is a vineyard, where Enrico passionately produces the pride of the estate: a Prosecco Asolo DOCG with organic certification.